Make a Vote Plan

Election Day is Tuesday, March 3rd 2020. It's important to think about your plan to vote.

Studies show that you are more likely to make it to the polls if you actively make a plan to vote earlier in the day. So, find your polling place below and then fill out the form on this page to make a plan now!

After you make your plan, please share your support on Facebook and Twitter and remind your friends to vote too.

Where is your polling place? (You can use the tools on this page to find it if you're not sure.)

When will you vote? (Be as specific as you like — e.g. "in the morning before work", "7pm", "after lunch".)

Will you be voting for Joel Veikko Soinila Supervisor 2020 Second District Mendocino County Supervisor (Supervisor del Segundo Distrito del Condado de Mendocino) when you cast your ballot?