Joel Veikko Soinila in the News

KZYX Live Interview - 2/4/2020 2nd District Supervisor Candidate Joel Soinila

Feb 5th, 2020
Interviewed by Sarah Reith

Listen here to KZYX's interview with 2nd District Supervisor Candidate Joel Soinila.

KZYX is featuring live one-on-one interviews with all nine candidates at 6pm every weeknight, starting Monday, February 3, opening the phone lines to give listeners a chance to ask questions of each candidate directly.

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District 2 Candidates Debate

The Mendo Voice Live

Mendo Voice live-streaming the District 2 candidates debate, live in Ukiah. From left to right, Maureen Mulheren, Joel Soinila, and Mari Rodin are running for Mendocino County supervisor in the Ukiah area.

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This is a press release from the Mendocino Cannabis Alliance:

​MCA is proud to present a series of cannabis focused forums to ask important questions to the candidates running for the Board of Supervisors in Mendocino County districts 1, 2 and 4 this year. These public conversations are FREE, open to the public, and designed to amplify the voice of the cannabis community in Mendocino.

District 2

Friday Feb 21st 6-7:30pm

Alex Rorabaugh Recreation Center Conference Room H11

1640 S State St, Ukiah

Sponsored by Harvest Logic

Candidates Participating:

Maureen Mulheren

Joel Soinila

Mari Rodin

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Mendocino County 1st and 2nd District supervisor candidates participate in Ukiah forum

Article Author - Curtis Driscoll of Ukiah Daily Journal

Soinila served as program manager of the Street Medicine team, which provided preventative and urgent care medicine to the homeless. He believes that holding the county accountable for money and funds and working with people at risk of being homeless is essential.

“The first thing we need to do in this industry is have true real numbers that represent what is happening. We were never the largest per capita homeless population in the United States. That number was a falsified number from 2017 where our homeless rate was over inflated for funding purposes. So right there it shows you that we already have no transparency in the industry as to where our money is coming from. We want more, but do we want to solve the problem. I don’t see a problem being solved, but I do see more funding coming in.”

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Mendocino County 2nd District Supervisor candidate Joel Soinila on the issues

January 25th, 2020
Article Author - Curtis Driscoll of Ukiah Daily Journal (Photo by Chris Pugh of UDJ)

“Soinila was raised in Redwood Valley, attending Ukiah High School and graduating from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo with a bachelor of science degree in Agricultural Business. He has been a financial analyst, productivity engineer, and program manager of the Ukiah Valley Street Medicine Program. He has also spent time volunteering on the Ukiah High School Alumni Association, Plowshares Peace and Justice Center, and as a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) of Lake and Mendocino County.”

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Joel Soinila announces campaign for District 2 supervisor

December 30, 2019
Mendo Voice Staff

"I would like to aid in bringing financial transparency at the county level to the community. I do not believe the tax payer dollars and county funding are being spent on smart growth."

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Health For You: Street medicine-helping the homeless get healthy

May 14th, 2019
Article Author: Joel Soinila Program Manager Ukiah Valley Street Medicine (Photo by Jendi Coursey Communications)

Ideally, someday our community will be able to house everyone who wishes to be housed and to accept the fact that others choose to live without a permanent home. As a society, we need to embrace our homeless community members and support them until they are ready to be housed. The Street Medicine Program is here to take care of as many people as we can, to help them heal so everyone in our community can be healthier. Working with the homeless can be challenging, but also incredibly rewarding.

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Plowshares in Ukiah renovates its garden to help feed the hungry

August 10th, 2019
Article Author - Lili Adkins Ukiah Daily Journal (Photo by Chris Pugh of UDJ)

“When I was younger, I was fully plugged in,” says Joel Soinila. “For me, it gives me a sense of community.”

Growing up in Ukiah, Soinila saw Plowshares grow over the years. Then, for three years, he worked as the Program Manager of Street Medicine. Now he runs a company called Backyard Farms, with which he helps people grow and sustain personal farms. His gardening experience has really helped him with the Plowshares project. Soinila has big ideas for the small plot of land.

“I hope Plowshares uses this to vertically integrate into their kitchen,” he says. “So many things just sit and don’t get used.” He thinks that the garden is capable of growing enough food to substantially lower the amount of donations needed. Furthermore, he strongly believes that nothing as valuable as a garden should ever go to waste.

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Bombas Socks partnership to support community

November 21, 2018
Submitted by the public

The response from Bombas Socks was fast, easy and a blessing to the Street Medicine Team. “When you’re advocating for the underserved, the best thing you can do is network high quality resources to the people you advocate for. By partnering with Bombas sock company, we are assuring that thousands of high quality socks will be given to people who truly need a hand,” shares a very excited Joel Soinila, UVSM manager.

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