Financial Literacy and Education

The public needs better financial transparency in how tax payer dollars are used to better the community. Currently funds are misdirected and results-based outcomes are not a primary focus. My background in finance will allow me to hold accountable all budgetary promises while seeking out misappropriated funds that should be allocated to other areas for community gain.

Housing and Development

As Mendocino County becomes more developed, it is vital that we keep our identity and create smart growth that builds a healthy community. For so many, the high cost of housing is a growing concern. The situation is a result of several factors: lack of investing by our government into affordable housing, zoning policies that have limited multi-unit buildings in communities, lack of protection and support of people who rent, and minimal support for low income people who seek to buy.

A few options for resolution are:

• INFILL first, which focuses on preserving Ag land and green spaces.

• Creating more public and nonprofit housing options.

• Supporting renters with help in times of crisis where housing is threatened.

• Capping how much rents/housing costs can rise. Many myths and big money oppose rent controls.

• Push harder for ADU's (accessory dwelling units).

Infrastructure Improvements

Maintenance and infrastructure improvements have not been a high priority for current government. Our buildings are dilapidated, roads are terrible, and a large portion of our county doesn't have broadband access. We need to continue to push for deferred maintenance to be a high priority, while seeking new funding streams from things like cannabis taxes and other sales tax generation that doesn't call for new taxes to be added.

Climate Change

There isn't much we can do as a county to help offset the larger catastrophic world issue of climate change; however, we need to be taking this as a serious threat locally and doing all we can to mitigate the change needed.

• The newly formed climate change advisory committee has the chance to be the accountability our county needs. Let's hope it isn't like most committees in this area where people get blinded by greed and absolutely no change ensues as a result.

• Our movement needs to be a turning point in the fight for the climate crisis. Making the transition to clean, renewable power sources is one way we can fight against the climate crisis.


The county has dropped the ball on this one, we made it so difficult for people to move into the legal market, that it kept most away from the process. People who had no idea about cannabis were trying to make rules for people who could have helped navigate this process with decades of experience. We squandered our opportunity to generate new funds which could have been used in many areas of our community (education infrastructure, health and wellness, and potential new funds for developing housing and improving roads).

Many things need to change for this industry to thrive in our county, mostly the stigma behind cannabis cultivators and it being illegal or a bad thing to be associated with. We need to lean toward organizations like the Mendocino Cannabis Alliance, similar to how we created a wine grape growers association.

Emergency Preparedness & Disaster Awareness

In order to address this concern, we need to start improving our infrastructure to support power and services during PSPS (Public Safety Power Shutoffs).

• Creating a culture around community preparedness and focusing on educating community members on how to be resilient in states of emergency.

• It's so important that we stop the siloed ways of our government, and create a central emergency command center that actually supports the county at large and not just select areas of focus.

Unsheltered And Underserved "Homelessness"

Currently the tools are available to alleviate this concern, however, the resources are being misdirected and used without Innovation and accountability. We need to recognize that we have a systematic problem, not a "homeless person’s" problem. Our system has failed this population, and it’s a disgrace to live in country of so many resources who experience so much homelessness.

Potter Valley Water Project

In order to protect our farmers in potter valley and farmers who benefit from the Eel River and Russian River, we need to make sure that we educate the public on this topic.

• We need to ensure that migratory access up and down stream is achievable with ease to native fish populations.

• We need to make sure that tribal water rights are protected in both basins.

• We need to ensure accountability and governance when plans are set in place.

• We need to pursue public funding which allows control to stay with conservation efforts.

Environmental Protection

Top priority is to ensure the County pursues environmental stewardship to provide clean air, water, and land. Individuals and businesses are encouraged to participate in managing environmental risks and impact.

• Seeking new programs to help us transition to clean energy generation.

• STOP ALL attempts that would allow drilling for oil offshore.

• We have so many natural resources, conservation efforts need to be put into place to protect finite resources.

Government Transparency

I take very seriously the idea of being an elected official who ensures that our county government is financially transparent. The good persons club which has ran this county for decades, is no longer working for the community at whole but for special interests and personal monetary gain. If elected, I will make this my highest priority to bring transparency to the community.

Mental Health

We all have mental health, and like physical health, it can become unwell. Education about mental health is vital to our community in understanding how to promote necessary mental health needs. The funding is there to solve this issue, however the measure B picture that was painted a few years ago is now fading quickly. The same service providers who misuse funds and have no accountability are now eye balling these funds for something completely different then what was promised to the public when we voted.