Thank you in advance for your endorsement.

Case Manager at CASA of Mendocino County

Jim Haggett

Mr. Soinila is self motivated and self disciplined. He has been a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) for a few years now. Joel advocates in and out of the courtroom for a struggling teen boy, which is no easy job! Kids without proper parental support depend on men like Joel to help them navigate life and help them go through the process of Juvenile Court. Joel gets done what he sets out to do!

Michaelyn Cooper

Josefina Duenas

Joel has the "juice" to call things with the proper name, he has shown compassion towards all living beings, has worked hard to achieve the place he holds, and is an inspiration for many.

Joel Clark

Informed, sane leadership is so needed in our time.

Cynthia Raiser Jeavons

Joel has the intelligence, perspective and vision that Mendocino County needs right now. If we are wise, we will elect Joel Soinila to the Board of Supervisors.
California Native

John Houston Jr

Sense and sensitivity, Joel Soinila understands the issues facing members of Mendocino County's 2nd Supervisorial District. His dedication and skills are a perfect match for the challenges facing Mendocino County.

Vicki Roberts

Joel Soinila is a motivated and caring candidate for Ukiah and Mendocino County
Redwood Valley Calpella Fire/Cal Fire Retired

Ryan Rick

Endorsement 100%

Mike Geniella

Joel offers the opportunity to assist in change. Real change won't happen unless individuals, families and communities get behind what it takes. Best of luck. I support your bid for elective office.

Lucas Weiss

Joel is a Mendocino native whose family has been here for decades. I believe he truly understands the ebb and flow of our county better than most and his heart is in the right place to lead our community into the future.

Carl Hamilton

You got My Vote Joel... Have nothing but respect... I remember when you were doing Street Medicine with the Homeless... We need more like you running things, People who aren't afraid to get in the trenches.

Patricia Mirata

Executive Director/Farmer

John Jeavons


David Silva

I'm here every step of the way.

Dennis Ivey

Pamela Reisfelt Ivey

Small Business Owner - Vic's Place

Carol Soinila


Alyssa Ballard

Government Employee

Katrina Logan-Ballard

Justin Lohse

Good luck bro!

Rae Robertson

Suzanne Farris

Shelby Lohse


Al Lee


Julia Coppola

Susan Holzhauser Boer

Retired Teacher

Gail Monpere

Jessie Taaning-Sanchez

Local Small Business Owner

Megan Peterson

Retired Executive Director, Tapestry Family Services

Sharon Kiichli